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released February 24, 2013



Track Name: Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders

Screaming sirens robbing sleep,
echoes speaking to brains,
„The walls have ears,
the walls have eyes,
no motion's wasted,
no motion's unwatched,

Supervisor's praying:
„Cost-cutting exercise!
We need to shit a million,
a million, we will shit.“

The army reserve is battled,
as hungry as a hunter,
ready to shit bricks!
Track Name: Connoisseur Of Art
Connoisseur Of Art

Die Ignoranz als Geisel. Die Bedeutungslosigkeit als Konzept. Schriftgröße zehntausend macht es nicht weniger scheiße. Connoisseure der Kunst, aber richtig feine Herren überschwemmen den Raum. Die Unterhaltung ist erwartungsgemäß. Why am I here again? I try not to live from hand to mouth. Why am I here again? I am here to lick my bosses boot. Oh, officer in charge, a real connoisseur of art, we have met before and we both know it. Only the differend ambience keeps you from assigning my face and losing your smile.
Track Name: The One-Handed Parasite
The One-Handed Parasite

Every turning back eliminated. The intelligent robot constantly releases value. The factory rat has lost it’s fucking hand today. This one-handed parasite can‘t stand the beat any more. And this restless beast, it’s all but impossible to stop. Who the fuck has the abilities? 1758 and scribbling mills! The maddest of the maddest are laughing out loud: „Now it’s too late to stop our decay.“ Melancholy at last.
Track Name: Untitled

In this battlefield, you always walked the way you thought of being right, so full of good aims, now wondering what went wrong. Once high, but low for so long. What did you expect? „Always take the path of winners. Fear no man, fear no love.“ Men made hell. A whole species as if paralysed. Errare humanum est. In human terms we should dance and celebrate: All’s fair in love and war.
Track Name: Crisis Stimulus
Crisis Stimulus

Dazzling diamonds leaping to eyes. The tea party makes a promise: „Well, the treadmill, hit it a little more, just a little more, you‘d be at the front.“ The anxiety to please under the stimulus of hunger: Make or fucking break!, while the glamour beats the gloom. Alice in wonderland – away on business, away on total monkey business, going nowhere but with the speed of light. That beats everything!
Track Name: Intro
All Employees Are Armed!!!
Track Name: Fair Trade Caffeine
Fair Trade Caffeine

Panic in the front row. Civilisation holds its breath. Who’s gonna curb this scum? Who’s gonna tame those savages? We brought them the 80-hour week to get their kids off the streets. Now they storm our lala-land. God knows what they seek. Some say they are looking for money. Some say they are looking for their money. Who’s gonna keep those who we fuck over away from our property?
Track Name: Plain Vanilla
Plain Vanilla

In the loveliest days, in the sweetest moments, darkest clouds are hanging deep. In fear of ever day, of every night, of every fucking second. „I‘m doing the best I can.“ Reality proves that I‘m a liar. Painstakingly searching for a reason. Even in this filthy mass in which everyone cares for no one, a piece of naivety will always stay with me. Lost trust gnaws at the hearts of the strongest men. The laughter called faith brings this pain. Future is dead and gone. When you feel as dogmatic as the next one lay flowers on what once was plain vanilla.
Track Name: Alea Iacta Est
Alea Iacta Est

Shat into this coffin. A thousand nails in my path. Indoctrination, Intimidation. Valued will be the time being enslaved. Valued will be the things you do to survive. Indoctrination, Intimidation. This torrential river to swim against and this desert without water is what is offered in this land. Grim Reaper is creeping after me, with darkest humour speaking out loud: “Alea iacta est. It is assumed that your chances are small.” This civilisation is rotting. Its self-righteous organs raining its shit upon my head. Indoctrination, Intimidation. The remaining meaning of life: I will fight this fleshly instinct to die.

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