World Bores To Death


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released August 3, 2011



Track Name: Lap Dance Of Rats
Lap dance of rats
Won’t take your offerings, won’t believe your drip of lies and your promises. None of your pissant options. Your “rescue” efforts as the very last outcry of your fetid cesspits, so full of power and profit addiction. We are the ones to take any occasion of collapse. We are the ones to choose the rhythm of ruin. There won‘t be any change in the sewer of capitalism. This thrilling blind flight of destruction and creation is what we choose. This delightful lap dance of rats in the sewer of capitalism is what we choose, ‘cause we will rise, and from the sewer only the scum will rise.
Track Name: The poverty lawyer
The imbalance of the scales will leave you stammering. Every word you say will be twisted and used against you. The prosecutor is called hyena and you are his precedent case. Right next to you, Ms. Peggy Fogger. Your assigned solicitor is explaining to you that in this price category is no time for big appeals. And even though this room looks so scrupulously clean. – Well, it’s all over town – Justice is a shit-sandwich without the bread. The strings are pulled, the switch is stayed.
Track Name: Gutmensch
Nicht, dass es irgendwen noch wundern könnte das zu sehen. Die miesen Zeiten haben uns beigebracht für die schlechten Zeiten aufzustehen. Man hat uns schon bewiesen wie hoch sich Scheiße stapeln lässt. Und in einem Moment des Innehaltens von dem entfremdeten Dreck, der sich Arbeit nennt, heben wir den Blick und sehen dich bei dem sinnentleerten Dreck, den du Rede nennst. Und du machst dein Maul auf und sagst:“Gutmensch…“ Whatever the fuck that means. Großmaul strikes again. I‘m so tired of staying calm and sane. I‘m so tired of doing the wrong thing. Und ich denke an Hammer und Zähne. Zahnsteinlos! Kariesfrei!
Track Name: Impatience
And more shit gets pushed upon us. An endless struggle to endure every single day. A life lived in a trench of meaninglessness and emptiness. Carrot and stick for the fools, our patience as our own curse upon us. Carrot and stick for the fools, when no options remain to live in this mess. Where is the denial to risk our lives for the sake of the pigs? And where are our arms, when all our dreams and hopes have died? And where the fuck remains our impatience?
Track Name: Charades
Eyes that cannot read between the lines and easy answers from the ones who resigned. Soaking adverts as a means to an end. Anticipatory obedience is their passion. The uniforms are battled to protect this charade. Selling truths, buying lies et vice versa and pay their fucking price. One more hard earned intoxication as requital. No smell of fear while consuming as living dead. No rest when there is no fucking place to hide. Sure as shit that I forgot how to piss my pants in a town where there is no air to breathe.
Track Name: Concessions
The claim against the enemy is eternal. There is no alternative but to take everything. Your concessions are our defeat. No matter how much you give us, we we will always ask for more, because what we want is no less than the end of every concession.
Track Name: Clenched fists and bared teeth
Why the fuck should we believe this hellish noise would ever change when we still shirk every responsibility? Where the fuck remains the instinct to capture all these ‘as ugly as sin’ death ships? „Human dignity is inviolable“ – while generations of humans got coldly extinguished. „Human dignity is inviolable“ – while our history is written in in ice-cold blood. „Human dignity is inviolable“ – while our history is written in masculine brutality. And if we’re about to die we should know that we fought and stood up for our beliefs with clenched fists and bared teeth screaming: “Human dignity is inviolable.“
- To respect and protect, it shall not be the duty of any public authority, but it must be the duty and responsibility of ourselves and of all of us.“
Track Name: Torture
Again it´s those strangers appearing in your head, endlessly dashing to and fro. Furiously reminding you that you constantly live to regret, to endure torture. Restlessly trying to get rid of all these ugly truths. These ugly truths they´re still yelling into innocent, newborn ears. So who should you keep on listening to?… One more getting lost in perplexity. One more being pulverized in their machine. And yet there is no end sight. No retribution. This might maintain forever. No solace and no going back. …and when the world is sick anyway, why the fuck must we feel that sick as well then?
Track Name: Asshole parades
There’s dust piling up to the sky on these black and white pictures. And yet we’re so damn sure again that we’re the ones in the right. In total control by our laws and rules. The ones to define right and wrong. The ones to judge what’s justified and what’s evil. This is how the forces work that keep us restrained. The ruinous state of one more disastrous construct that humans have created. Reinventing the same bullshit again. Error detection and feedback system: Too much sickness in all of these fucking holier-than-thou parades. Asshole parades!
Track Name: Sink or swim
The flowers will not grow in here when their roots are devoured by masters. One coffin for every child’s personality. Diversity buried deep under the soil. To break their fucking will, to blind their minds in the rooms of the institutions. Another threat, another forced competition in a world full of deathtraps. The end result of those in power and the fatal gutlessness and weakness of humanity. We will fate and we will fall. Zero, zero and zero. It’s sink or swim.

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